4 Proven Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Stop hair loss

Scientific studies have shown that hair loss can be stopped by increasing blood circulation in the scalp or inhibiting DHT levels in the body. These things are done by the treatments below and have demonstrated some success in stopping hair loss. So you may think that all you need to do is select one of the following treatments, use it as directed, and your hair loss will be completely stopped in time. Well, you’d be mistaken. 1. Prescription drugs for hair loss Prescription drugs for hair loss inhibit DHT production and can, therefore stop hair loss. They are only safe for men to use and can have side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. 2. Topical Treatments with Minoxidil Topical minoxidil-containing treatments such as Rogaine and Spectral DNC work to increase blood flow to the hair by dilating the scalp’s blood vessels. Such treatments have shown some success, but they are not as effective as prescription medications. Also, the producers of these products state that they work only on the crown and have no effect on the scalp’s front. 3. Supplements for Hair Loss These work in much the same way as drugs for hair loss, by inhibiting DHT production. The differences are that they do not have drug-related negative side effects, but are also less likely to work. 4. Combs in laser Laser combs fall into the ‘increasing blood circulation’ class of treatments for hair loss. Laser light at a low level stimulates an increase in blood flow, increasing the flow of nutrients to the hair. Laser combs are quite costly and only tend to achieve mediocre outcomes. Yet they are free of side effects. So are they working actually? Unfortunately, with these treatments, there are problems. Hair loss drugs, for instance, have some possible sexual side… Continue Reading

Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Real Relevance?

Natural hair loss remedies

The efficacy of modern therapies for hair loss is apparent for all to see, but many people choose not to use strong chemicals or non-natural substances. Does this mean you’re only going to have to embrace an ever-decreasing head of hair if you fall into this category? The response to this is an unambiguous NO! Many natural hair loss treatments, both conventional and contemporary, have shown their worth in minimising and reversing hair loss. They are often regarded as free from side effects and even have additional health advantages. Why don’t we hear a lot more of these natural remedies for hair loss? Simply because, without FDA approval, promises of treatments can not be made, and securing the FDA approval seal requires lengthy and costly clinical testing that only significant businesses can afford. And the largest corporations could not recover the costs of such a process because the rights to common natural substances, such as essential foods and vitamins, could not be regulated by anyone. Nevertheless, the big question is, are natural hair loss treatments working? Firstly, root-level hair growth is a living part of the body that depends on sound nutrition like any other part of the body. It is impossible to deny the value of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements in preserving healthy hair. Secondly, after years of neglect, herbs and plants’ role in treating various ailments is gaining increased attention, and hair loss is no exception. Many herbal treatments for both internal and external use bring new hope for people suffering from premature hair loss. Thirdly, conventional treatments for hair loss may still have something to offer. Ancient literature and legends indicate that the care of thinning hair by our ancestors went to great lengths. Many potential treatment regimes are now implementing some of the more… Continue Reading

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